28 x 22 x 1 cm
874 g

Craft-Based Design

Moritsch Stefan



What is the role of craftsmanship in the post-industrial age? Can it hold up as an economically viable model in face of the increasing digitalization in all areas of life? A new generation of producing designers has seized the chance to bring together tradition and innovation: artisans, who are putting scientific research theories into action in their own craftsmanship processes, proving that designed crafting is compatible with today's lifestyles and career worlds. Craft-based Design portrays selected designing crafters with very different educational backgrounds in a generational dialogue, showing how they join design work, technology, and manufacturing with cleverly implemented international experience to develop self-determined and economically successful small-scale business models. Photographs of the resulting products and workshops they are made in are complemented with interviews revealing the personal knowledge of the crafters, providing the reader with impressive insights on contemporary craftsmanship and establishing it as an approach unique to the 21st century.
  • Craftwork, design and production of the post-industrial age
  • Knowledge exchange with designers
  • Photographs of works, workshops and individuals
  • With texts based on interviews
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